Meeting With the Guys: Introducing Your Girl to Your Friends

Introducing your new, hot piece to your friends is something that you’ve obviously been considering for awhile, and that’s what a lot of sex dating sites can be great for. If you want to have a hot girl on your arm for the evening, then there’s no reason that you can’t bring her to that kind of a party. Introducing her to your friends doesn’t have to be a hassle, and in fact, it can be pretty darn fun.

introduce herYou’ve got to have the skills to introduce her.

If you’re really into a girl, then you’ve got to introduce her to your friends. Even if you two are just having casual sex, there’s no reason that they can’t know about all the fun that you’re having, and having that bragging right is something that you can really have fun with. That’s what we’re all about–more fun! That’s exactly what this can bring to your life, and we’ve got the best tips on making it happen easily.

Hang out with everyone.

The easiest way to introduce your new girl to your friends is to just bring her to hang out with the rest of the crew. Even if you weren’t looking for relationships, a casual sex relationship is still something of reason to bring her along. You two probably are hitting it off fine by this point if you’re considering this, so there’s no reason that you can’t meet up for reasons that aren’t meeting up for sex. She’ll probably want to meet your friends as much as she wants you to meet hers by this point.

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As always, clear it with your friends before you end up just dragging her along to a party. You want to make sure that they’re okay with you bringing a girl along, because otherwise, you’re going to be rubbing them the wrong way. When you do bring her to hang out, make sure that you aren’t just talking to her the whole time. You want to introduce her and still interact with your friends, and remember, having your tongue stuck down her throat the whole time isn’t good manners. You want to still be interacting with everyone else and having a great time.

Make her feel good about it.

A lot of ladies that you’ve met online are going to be nervous about being a part of your life this way, so you want to make her feel better about the situation. Talk to her about how much they’ll enjoy her presence, and talk about some of the similar interests that she might share with your friends. Chances are, you’ve all got something in common. This can end up being a lot of fun for everyone, and it means that you’ve got another member of the group to talk about video games or hiking or…whatever else it is that the group of you are interested in.

In general, you always want to make sure that she’s relaxed and having fun once you arrive. Don’t hover, but do make sure to check on her and make sure that she’s still feeling good about being a part of the party. You never want to make her feel like she’s the one that’s odd, and you want to make sure that she’s comfortable with everything that’s going on. If she isn’t, then always make sure that she knows she’s more than welcome to have an out and to meet up with them another time.