HornyMatches.com Reviews: What We Discovered on This Hookup Site

HornyMatches.com is a site that definitely misses the mark, as far as we’re concerned. Spending time on here was more like spending time on a site that’s made for men only, and considering how few ladies we honestly saw around on this site, we had a hard time believing that this site wasn’t supposed to just be that. It’s a very poorly designed site, and it certainly doesn’t welcome women, judging by the extremely pornographic layout that’s in place.

Don t bother with a site like this. Find something legit.

In general, you really don’t want a site like HornyMatches to show up on your radar if you’re looking to hookup with women. The thing is, this site just doesn’t cater to them. You can say good bye to the intimate atmosphere that a site really needs to have in order to bring ladies to it, and you can say ‘hello’ to a site that only bots and spammers are going to join. This site doesn’t have a lot of active profiles in general, and that’s something we observed during our review. If anyone is active here, it mostly seems to be a lot of disappointed men.

The review wasn’t a fun one.

We really did try to make our HornyMatches review work for us, but it just ended up being a disappointment. We weren’t happy about spending a total of four months on this site, and during our stay, we sent out a total of 150 messages. You’d think that we’d end up with at least a few good results, but you’d be wrong.

From those 150 messages, only a total of 101 girls actually chatted back with us–at least, that’s what it looked like at first glance. Rather than actually being that many, a lot of the messages that we ended up receiving on this site were actually spam messages.

From those 101 replies, we only had a total of 6 women that would set up dates with us. This was a more accurate representation of the kind of activity that you can expect on this site, and that’s really not something that we were excited to see. This whole site disappointed us even more as we went on.

From those 6 ladies that we talked to, all of them showed up, but only 1 of them actually slept with us. In general, HornyMatches didn’t seem to be the kind of site that you could trust to be consistent about getting you laid.

The features weren’t great.

It’s important for us to find a site that’s got it all together in terms of features and in activity, and this site doesn’t seem to have either. Mostly, it has the basics, and that’s something that you’ll have to pay some top dollar for.

You can’t get by on this site without a subscription, and it’s not even worth it. You have access to their messaging program, but it’s not exactly more than a basic message sending service.

This site also has very poor spam control for their inboxes. This makes it very difficult to pick out ladies that are actually serious, and women that aren’t going to end up giving you the time of day.

Why bother with lesser sites? HornyMatches can deliver on hookups, every time.

Don’t let HornyMatches waste your time. For real sites to get laid, check out our top five.

You can do without HornyMatches.com.

This is a site that’s really not going to end up delivering the kind of consistent hookups that you want, based on our reviews. We were really not thrilled with this site, and that’s why we think that you should be spending your time on our favorite site instead, which is Xpress.com. It’s the best in our opinion, and it can help you meet a ton of ladies online.