Reviews: Does It Stack Up as a Real Hookup Site?

Sites like are basically just duplicates of every other scammy dating site out there, and that’s definitely not the sort of thing that you’re going to want to spend your cash on. If you’re trying to make a site like this work, you need to turn around and realize that it’s literally just full of dead, empty profiles, and no real women are still floating around on here. This site has been dead for a long, long time, no matter their claims.

Don t bother with a site like this. Find something legit.

The thing about Flirt is that it tries very hard to bring ladies in, to no avail. It pushes the idea of women being able to join and use the site for free, but that doesn’t make them feel more at home. Instead, it just makes them join the site and then never come back when they realize that the only men on here are guys that don’t want to pay for a membership fee, or are just joining up as women so that they don’t have to pay. Obviously, this is really gross, and it’s not going to end up getting you laid any faster.

We didn’t enjoy these results.

The more time that we spent on our Flirt review, the less we really appreciated the site. It’s really just a vast mess of empty profiles as far as we can tell, and that made us feel pretty uncomfortable while we stuck around on it for a total of four months. We sent out a total of 150 messages, but the lack of response that we received really did show us that the site was just not as popular as it should have been at all.

From those 150 messages, we didn’t end up with a single reply. This really told us everything that we needed to know about this site, and we weren’t happy at all about it ending up being a total flop for us. It was a waste of our time, and we couldn’t even get a single woman to chat with us, let alone a woman to go out on a date with us. It was a complete and utter waste.

From this particular site, we couldn’t get a single chance to get laid. The women that are supposedly on this site aren’t active, and they certainly aren’t interested in hopping in the sack with anyone.

You can skip these features for sure.

It’s our opinion that a great dating site needs to have a lot to do on it, and not just a whole lot of profile browsing. Sadly, that’s all that this site really has to offer you, and that doesn’t even work, considering the profiles are so sparse.

This site requires that you buy a membership for the act of messaging and browsing, and that’s really going to put a damper on your time here when you can’t get women to even talk to you.

At least we weren’t flooded with spam mail. That’s literally the only good thing that we can say about this site, because otherwise, it was a total waste of time.

Why bother with lesser sites? Flirt can deliver on hookups, every time.

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We weren’t into

Flirt is a site that just plain didn’t deliver for us, and it’s certainly not a site that we’d want to come back to again. In our opinion, this is a site that you’ll be much happier avoiding, and instead, you should be checking out our favorite dating site online, which is We’ve only ever had great experiences there, and we know that it’ll be able to give you a lot of fun and excitement the whole time.