Reviews: Does This Hookup Site Work? is a site that just makes us stare for a really long time, actually. The thing about this site is that it just doesn’t have anything that makes a solid hookup site; the layout is very difficult to use, it’s really inactive, and we’re not sure what a ‘lifetime’ hookup is. We personally are just here for some fun, casual sex, and we don’t really want the attachment issues that can come with a steady relationship.


This site pushes some mixed signals for sure, and that’s what makes it so difficult for newbies to use. This combined with a really poorly done layout means that you’re just going to end up wasting your time on this site. Most of the members aren’t even women; they’re just sad guys that aren’t going to get the lays that they want, so they’re only going to end up more upset over time. This site is a disappointment in terms of ratio, as there are very few women, and that makes it ultimately a poor choice if you’re looking for a reliable place online to get laid and to have fun.

The dating results said it all.

We really did try hard to make our FreeLifetimeHookup review a solid experience, but no matter what we did, it just didn’t pay off. After spending a total of four months here, there wasn’t anything else that we could say or do; this site just really missed the mark, and it made us realize exactly how little it was going to be able to do for us. Sending out those 150 messages just didn’t do the job.

From those 150 messages, we didn’t get a single response from any of the women that we were trying to chat with. This really said a lot about the activity level of the site, and how serious the women were. Most of the profiles seemed dead, but we had to give it a shot; this site just ended up being a total waste of our time.

Obviously, no responses means no dates, and no dates means no sex. This casual sex site really just ended up being a hot mess for us, and after spending that long on a site that wasn’t going to deliver, we were really ready to move onto something much better.

The dating features weren’t any good.

It’s really important for us to be able to use an online adult dating site with a lot of interesting features, and that’s sadly not this one. This is a site that just totally misses the mark in our opinion, and we really can’t imagine wanting to spend any amount of steady time on here.

That’s because their ‘features’ are way too basic. Their inbox system collects spam if you’re not careful about who you message, and their search engine only focuses on geographical location as well as certain body types.

Because of all this, this is a hookup site that is really going to make it hard for you to find anyone. It’s just a difficult sell, and it’s not one that we’d want to spend our cash on.

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We didn’t have fun on

Using a site like FreeLifetimeHookup really wasn’t a winner for us, and in our opinion, this is a site that’s just not going to help you get laid as much as you’d like. You’ll really do much better off if you check out our favorite site instead, which is You deserve to have fun, and you deserve a great site. Check it out, and you’ll be able to meet a lot of ladies online that want to sleep with you.