GoFishDating.com Reviews: Will This Hookup Site Pull Through?

GoFishDating.com is a site that just will make you roll your eyes the second that you step onto it. This site really is lacking in a lot of coherency, and for a newbie, that can end up being a serious issue. The site itself is really just blank and boring, and it doesn’t have a whole lot on it except for some naked pictures of ladies. This just ends up coming off as really crass, and ladies aren’t going to be into that at all.

Don t bother with a site like this. Find something legit.

Because the site is really not classy, GoFishDating doesn’t have a very high ratio of women to men at all. In fact, it’s one of the lowest that we’ve ever seen, and that means that finding women on here that are going to even chat with you, let alone date you, is going to be pretty darn hard. These ladies just aren’t interested if they are on here, and that means that the site itself is just really lacking in a whole lot for you to do and explore. We found ourselves constantly frustrated, and that didn’t seem to change as our review went on.

The review here was the pits.

After completing our GoFishDating review, we found ourselves really just bored out of our minds, and definitely in need of a refresher. This site disappointed us on a number of levels, and after spending a total of four months here, we honestly couldn’t wait to get away. This site just didn’t end up working out, and we sent out a total of 150 messages to try and make it happen.

From those 150 messages, we weren’t able to get a single response from this site. This site really dropped the ball in regards to bringing in active, fun women that wanted to get laid, and in that we mean that there just weren’t any at all. We were really frustrated, and we couldn’t wait to end up changing course and going to a site that was going to end up delivering results.

It’s a rare day that we’re so annoyed with a site, but after spending time on here, we can say that this is a site that just really isn’t going to work for you. If you’ve got money and time, then you can do much better than this site ever will be able to provide.

The features were disappointing.

After all the time that we spent on this site, we have to say that it just really was boring. They only have a very basic messaging system in place, and you do have to pay in order to use it.

If you’re looking for a solid search engine, then you’re also going to want to look elsewhere. Overall, this site only gives you geographical and age range search options, and even if you pay, that doesn’t seem to be changing.

This site disappoints on the level of intimacy, too. It mostly just posts up a lot of nude pictures of ladies, and if it wants to have more women join, it needs to get classier, fast.

Why bother with lesser sites? GoFishDating can deliver on hookups, every time.

Don’t let GoFishDating waste your time. For real sites to get laid, check out our top five.

You can skip out on GoFishDating.com.

Sites like GoFishDating really don’t hit the mark for us, and we can’t imagine them working for you, either. This is a site that’s just really not going to deliver, and that’s why you should be checking out other options, like our number one favorite site online, Xpress.com. If you want a great run of it, then you can end up checking out a site that’s going to give you a ton of fun. We know it works because we use it regularly!