Reviews: Tested Against Top Hookup Sites

Spending time on was an experience that we honestly didn’t want to repeat. This site gave us a headache just looking at it, considering that it’s just covered in nude photos, and we’re guys that love seeing a lot of naked women. The site is just classless, and that’s obviously why the ratio of women to men on this site is so low. No woman would ever want to end up joining a site like this one, and that’s really, really obvious to us.

Don t bother with a site like this. Find something legit.

The layout is also just not good here. The more time that we spent on DateHookup, the more frustrated we became at the regularly slow-to-load images, and the links on the navigation that sometimes just plain wouldn’t work for us. This created a lot of issues during our stay here, and we were really ready to just throw in the towel from the very start. There aren’t many active profiles here at all, and that extends into guys, too. There’s no reason to stick around, frankly; this is a site that’s not going to really give you good results, ever.

From these results, you should stay away.

We weren’t thrilled about sinking our talons into our DateHookup review, but we sure did give it the best that we could. This was a site that just really missed the mark for us in terms of quality, and even though we spent a total of four months on this site, we still didn’t become any more enamored with it during that time. We sent out a total of 150 messages, and the results just were not what we wanted to see.

From those 150 messages, we didn’t end up with a single response. This really went to show us how dead the site was, and how little we were really able to expect from it. We want at least a few responses and a few conversations, but considering we couldn’t even get that here, that really said everything that we needed to know about this site.

Without any conversations, we obviously didn’t get a single date here, and we definitely didn’t get laid. The whole time that we spent trying to make this site work was a total waste, and we weren’t interested in coming back to this one any time soon. It just didn’t deliver.

There aren’t good features.

The basics in these features were really just too basic for our use. We found that this site did give you a search engine and a typical profile builder, but you’re going to find that the search engine doesn’t pick up on keywords well at all.

This site also limits you to only one profile pic, and after trying to make DateHookup work over four months, we can say that’s really not enough.

It’s a boring, inactive site, and there aren’t any women around. After trying to find something to do here for all of that time, we can really say that this site is just plain not worth it at all.

Why bother with lesser sites? DateHookup can deliver on hookups, every time.

Don’t let DateHookup waste your time. For real sites to get laid, check out our top five.

With, you won’t see success.

When it comes to, you’re not going to end up getting the kinds of results that you want. This is a site that’s just going to end up missing the mark, so skip it, and check out our number one favorite site instead, which is It’s an excellent site, and it’s going to end up giving you some really solid results, if you look at what we accomplished there. With a little work on your end, you can really end up having a great time.