Reviews: Compared Against Top Hookup Sites mostly just makes us roll our eyes, truth be told, and it’s because this is a site that just doesn’t have anywhere near the activity that it claims. This site claims to be free for women to sign up, and only men have to pay, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to end up bringing a huge crowd of ladies to the yard. In fact, it’s the complete and utter opposite; this site is basically dead in the water.

Don t bother with a site like this. Find something legit.

Trying to make this particular site work for you is going to end up being like pulling teeth. That’s because any and all active ladies have basically moved on entirely, and the more time that we’ve spent on BeNaughty, the more we’ve realized that. There are a few spam bots floating around on here now as far as we can tell, and in our opinion, this site is honestly quite hard to use. If you’re looking for a way to meet a lot of women really fast, it’s probably not going to be on this particular site.

Our review wasn’t fun.

We ended up really not pleased with our BeNaughty reviews, and it’s because this site just really didn’t hit the mark for us in terms of quality. We looked high and low for ladies to talk to on here, and it was really hard to get a response from them, even after sticking around on this site for a total of four months. We sent out 150 messages, and even then, that didn’t seem to really do much for them.

From those 150 messages, we didn’t get a single response from any of the women that were on here. This was really shocking to us, and we were really not happy about it. We found ourselves constantly scrounging on this site for a chance to meet new women, but it just wasn’t panning out. These ladies didn’t end up giving us the kind of turnaround that we wanted at all.

It’s pretty rare to end up with complete and utter radio silence on a site like this one, but that’s all that we were able to see from this particular site. The idea that we couldn’t even score a date, let alone score anything close to a conversation with these ladies really said it all to us. We can’t recommend this site.

You can skip out on these features.

After spending as long as we did on this site, it wasn’t any surprise to us that it was a disappointment in terms of features. The more we used this site for, the less we enjoyed it. There’s just not much to do here.

While it’s okay to end up browsing profiles for hours if you can actually search for what you want, this site has a very weak search feature, and it doesn’t pick up on keywords very well. It mostly will just search for geographical locations, and maybe body type.

With all of this in mind, you shouldn’t end up shelling out the cash for a subscription here at all. It’s just not going to even come close to improving your chances.

Why bother with lesser sites? BeNaughty can deliver on hookups, every time.

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We didn’t enjoy

With a site like this one, we really do think that you shouldn’t expect much. It just wasn’t an enjoyable ride for us, and after spending time here, we can say with certainty that it didn’t work. We highly recommend that you check out our favorite site instead, which is Our results made it clear that we ended up with some awesome ladies, and we’d go back any time.