JustHookup.com Reviews: Is It the Hookup Site of Your Dreams?

JustHookup.com is certainly a site that’s trying to be an adult dating site. There are some women on this site, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to sleep with you. In fact, even getting them to chat with you on here is like pulling teeth, and it isn’t going to end up getting any better as time goes on. This site is just very inactive, and most women aren’t going to want to join up on a site that’s already dead in the water.

Don t bother with a site like this. Find something legit.

For newbies coming along and looking for something fun, they aren’t going to find it here. This site has a very poorly designed layout, and it’s honestly just difficult to find your way around on here. With a weak search system and some pretty low activity numbers, this is a site that’s just not going to help you get laid all that often. You’d have to really work at JustHookup to even get a woman to talk to you, let alone to get her to go out on a date with you, and eventually hop in the sack with you.

Our review wasn’t any fun.

When it comes to our JustHookup review, we can’t say that we were all that surprised to find less than stellar results. We spent a total of 4 months on this site, and it just didn’t end up panning out for us. With a site like this one, you’re going to really have to fight to get the attention of women. We sent out a total of 150 messages, and the results that came in just weren’t what we were looking for.

From those 150 messages, we managed to receive a total of 90 responses, but a great deal of them were actually just spam messages. That’s not exactly the kind of thing that makes us feel good about using a site; in fact, it just made us feel pretty bored and upset about spending so much time here.

From those 90 responses, only a total of 7 women agreed to go on dates with us. This was a pretty poor ratio, and it only ended up getting worse when a total of 1 lady showed up. That lady might have slept with us, but that didn’t make us feel any better about spending four months and only getting that much out of the whole site.

These features didn’t work for us.

The more time that we spent on this site, the less impressed we were. This is a site that definitely is going to end up needing some layout cleanup before it ever gets to the top, and it also needs to advertise to more women in order to get them to join.

Because of this, you’ll find that their profiles aren’t all that fleshed out, or that frequently updated. The search engine just pulls from wherever, and it doesn’t seem to be anything close to picking up on keywords.

All of this combined makes for a very difficult to use site, and not one that’s full of the features you need in order to survive in a great adult dating scenario. This site just didn’t work for us.

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You can skip out on JustHookup.com.

The more time that we spent on JustHookup, the less we liked. This site just didn’t push any of our buttons, and that’s why we highly recommend that you check out our number one site instead, which is Xpress.com. We’ve only ever had great experiences with this site, and that’s how we know that it’s going to end up working for you. We really love it.