Tips & Tricks to Building a Dating Site Profile That Brings In Women

Your profile will make a huge difference to the ladies that you run into on these kinds of sites, and that’s why it really does need to be on the up and up. Without a solid profile, you’re going to end up scaring ladies away rather than attracting them, and obviously, that’s the opposite of what you want to have happen on a hookup dating site.

the right profileYou need a great dating profile.

Adult dating sites are designed to make it easy to connect to women online, but if you don’t have a solid profile, you’re not going to do anything but scare them away. There are a few key components, and it all comes down to your profile picture, your spelling and grammar, and the general way that you talk about things in your profile. If you can nail all of these things down, then you’re going to end up really bringing in a lot of ladies. Your time on adult dating sites will be much, much easier.

Start with a great profile picture.

You really can’t have a great profile without solid profile pictures. We say ‘pictures’ because we really do emphasize the plural in that regard; we want you to know that the more pictures that you have, the better off you’re going to be in attracting ladies to talk to you. You want to make sure that you’re working hard to keep your profile updated with solid profile pictures that will let these ladies know that you’re serious. With this and the right dating description, you’re going to really end up bringing women into your inbox more and more.

Skip the scams and find sites that you can trust.

During our reviews of multiple sites to get laid, we always work hard to have a solid dating profile picture that always has us smiling. If you aren’t smiling, then that’s going to end up turning ladies off right away. You need to look kind and gentlemanly, and never glare into the camera like you’re an axe murderer or something similar. Make sure to also always be clean and fresh when you take the picture, and take it in a setting that isn’t your dingy, dark bathroom. You want to always make it look like you’re in a good place when you post those pictures.

Think about your descriptors.

From what we’ve been able to see of other dating profile examples online, they just aren’t hitting the mark. You want to make sure that you’re taking the time to always be grammatically correct, and to really focus on the kinds of conversation that women would want to have. They don’t want to hear about your sexual fantasies first thing first in a profile; they would much rather hear about what you do for a living, and what’s on your mind in terms of hobbies. They want to be able to connect and relate to you overall.

The top three interests that really work with ladies are liking the outdoors, beaches, and being any kind of an artist. They also can really appreciate descriptions like this:

“I’m a guy in my thirties, looking for a woman that’s not interested in a lot of drama. I love the outdoors and staying active, and I love eating at new restaurants.”

“Going out horseback riding is one of my favorite things, and having someone to go out and do that with in the stars would be amazing.”

“I personally love going out with ladies and having a lot of fun at different restaurants. Let’s talk about what your favorite foods are, too!”