Free Isn’t Free: Why You Get What You Pay for on Free Hookup Dating Sites

Free dating sites for getting laid might sound like a good idea, but the fact of the matter is that they’re far from it. Instead of being fun and exciting, it’s much more of a struggle to meet real women on there, and you’re always going to run into more scams. These are sites that are way more trouble than they are worth, and it’s honestly very hard to make them put out as much as a paid, subscription-based site ever would be.

free sites suckAvoid those free dating sites.

We’ve used a lot of free hookup sites in our day, and they just plain can’t compete to the other sites that you’ll find out there. Rather than waste your time on these sites, you need to be spending your time and energy on a dating site that’s actually active and full of ladies that are comfortable about being there. Paying a subscription guarantees this, and you’re going to end up with many more chances to get laid.

You’ll be bombarded with ads.

Even if a site is 100% free, they have to get their money somewhere, and that ultimately comes from ads. Women and men alike don’t want to end up staring at ads all day, but that’s all that’s going to end up happening if you’re on a hookup website for free. You’re going to end up surrounded by a lot of clutter and mess, and you can end up catching viruses or other issues courtesy of those ads that are posted up.

Skip the scams and find sites that you can trust.

It’s not just ads on the site that you have to worry about. You can often find that their chat rooms and their profiles are just cluttered with ads, too, and that means that you’re just never going to really get away from them. Spending a ton of time on a site like this can end up being a headache and a half, and it’s certainly not going to be the clean, safe environment that a paid site for hookups can end up offering you. This can end up driving a lot of customers away, and that means less chances to really meet women online.

There are scammers everywhere.

While we can’t say that every single free site out there is full of scammers, we can say that the chance of them being there is much higher. There are less hoops for them to jump through if they do want to end up meeting guys online and getting laid, and that means that a lot of escorts will end up posting up their profiles on free hookup sites. This isn’t the way to get laid, by the way. You deserve real women that are actually interested in you, and not what your wallet can end up handing out to them at the end of the night.

This can be very frustrating to newbies, especially when your inbox just fills up with a ton of spam mail day after day. This means that it’s going to be much less likely that you can connect to real women, and ultimately, it makes free sites a total waste of time rather than another opportunity to meet ladies. You don’t want to end up spending all of your time on a site that’s just going to drive you mad; instead, go for paid sites that are actually trying to take care of you at length.